Leeza SOHO - Zaha Hadid Architects

A nocturnal 3D visualization emphasizing the lighting effects of Leeza Soho and its majestic world-tallest atrium space.

 It was our pleasure to work with Zaha Hadid Architects, the prestigious architectural practice. We visualized one of their recent exciting projects - Leeza Soho, a 46-storey tower in Beijing, home of the world's tallest atrium. Leeza SOHO on ZHA website.


 As an entrance point to a bustling financial district, elegantly twisting on top of a subway tunnel, Leeza Soho is a representation of the connected, innovative, and fast-paced society. In addition to our photorealistic night interpretation of the future building, our mission was to emphasize the nocturnal effects of the actual facade, interior, and landscape lighting in sync with the tower's dynamic context. 

 We visualized the tower's transparent facade, reflecting its surroundings, and at the same time accentuated its own silhouette through eye-catching uplights (spiral floodlight), emphasized by interior, top and other lighting elements. Undoubtedly, Leeza Soho's abstract twisting atrium was its most prominent feature, so the significance of its lighting representation was key to the final holistic 3d visualization of the tower. 

Final 3D rendering of Leeza Soho


 No matter the size, we kick off every project by studying its architectural, functional, and contextual aspects – our surefire way to be able to recreate the design concept and thoroughly convey its surrounding atmosphere. This is why during our daily communication with ZHA's project associate and his team, we analyzed the tower's primary design concepts, Leeza Soho's area, Beijing society's lifestyle and natural environment. 

 Timing and efficient collaboration were of essence for the success of the 3D visualizations. The tight project schedule called for an always-on approach where ZHA and Cosmoscube's teams committed to daily deliveries regardless of time zones. Our open and flexible approach helped us achieve a smooth and productive work flow.

Leeza Soho's raw model and massing

Clay renderings we created to analyze the most attractive viewpoints

Reference images helped us determine the overall look of the city district. Mood boards were crafted to express the feel of the atmosphere

The project and its surrounding context

A sky illustration & an environment study analyzing the depth of the visualized 3D space

71 total work hours

35 hours optimizing geometry & lighting

1 mood board created

32 emails exchanged

341 3D people in rendering

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