Varna Library - I/O Architects

Contemporary visualization for I/O Architects’ prize-winning entry in Varna Library’s international competition

 The competition aimed to create a new and active public space in the heart of Varna city. Cosmoscube aided I/O Architects not only with the visualization of their idea, but also with the finalization of some architectural points in their entry - helping them win the prestigious 2nd place.

 Working for the competition was dynamic, with tight deadlines, last-minute image deliveries and design changes. Thanks to our 3D visualizations, our partners from I/O architects were able to reimagine their ideas and come up with new concepts. We helped them see their own project from different perspectives - in every possible sense.


 The vision of our client took into account the new library’s contextual environment, preserving the old greenery around the building. The new public space had to stand as a distinctive identity but at the same time successfully integrate with its neighboring urban environment.

Street View

 Our goal was to adequately interpret and further develop the architects’ idea. We chose to adopt a clean exterior style, where the architectural materiality blends within the context, with the existing trees and the square’s space. 

 On the interior side, visitors to the library were more visible, recreating the new library space in action. The books in the shelves were also emphasized with brighter colors unlike the rest of the interior which remained neutral. 


 Being architects ourselves, we helped I/O Architects analyze any arising difficulties and make decisions based on objective criteria. For example, preserving the old trees around the building made our client’s task even harder as they had to shrink the building in favor of its valuable environment.

 Our contribution to the solution also involved the capturing of images of the real trees, the real people and pavements in the render. Photographing the existing environment strengthened the idea of the high value lying in preserving the library’s context as is.

Project Stats

6 final images produced

927 kilometers driven to capture photos of the real site

ALL trees in the final render have been photographed on site

369 competition entries beaten to the top

6 days to produce the visuals

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